• Bar Admissions
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    State of Connecticut

    United States Tax Court

    United States District Court of Massachusetts

    United States District Court of Connecticut 

    United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit
  • Memberships
    Massachusetts Bar Association
  • Education
    LL.M. in Taxation, Boston University School of Law Graduate Tax Program, 1981

    J.D., with Honors, New England School of Law, 1980

    B.A., Political Science, University of Connecticut, Storrs
  • Honors
    Member of New England Law Review, Case and Note Articles Editor 


    Massachusetts Bar Association, Professional Education Program on the Tax Reform Act of 1986, 1986 and 1987.

    Plymouth County Bar Association, Estate Planning Council, 1984-87.

    Massachusetts Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division, Advanced Estate Planning Techniques, 2001.

    Harvard Law School, Guest Lecturer for Visiting Professor David Epstein, IRS Tax Collection Procedures and Bankruptcy Taxation, 2002.

    Boston Bar Association, Panelist, Tax Fraud and Evasion, 2005.

    American Bankruptcy Institute, Significant Individual Issues in Bankruptcy, 2005.

    Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Panelist, Bankruptcy Taxation, Pass-Thru Entities, 2009.

    Boston Bar Association, Bankruptcy Law Section, Panelist, Taxes, Bankruptcy and Distressed Properties, 2014.

Peter Banis has been a practicing tax attorney since 1981. Peter began his tax law practice in Boston in 1984.  Until joining us, Peter operated his own Firm, the largest tax collection defense practice in the area, and employed attorneys who were also retired IRS Appeals Officers to assist in that practice.  Peter has successfully handled more than 100 docketed cases for taxpayers spanning the United States in the United States Tax Court, United States District Courts, United States Bankruptcy Courts, and argued appeals in the United States Courts of Appeals, as well as in state administrative and judicial forums. Peter has handled administrative appeals, docketed cases and tax trials involving estate tax valuation of closely held businesses, income and employment tax matters for individuals and corporations, arcane tax accounting and bankruptcy tax issues, TEFRA partnership tax matters, offshore bank accounts and FBAR reporting, unpaid employment tax, bankruptcy discharge of individual taxes, civil tax fraud and evasion, as well as tax collection defense matters such as Offers in Compromises and Installment Agreements for individuals and corporations, to name some tax areas.  Peter effected his first Doubt as to Collectability Offer in Compromise with the Internal Revenue Service in 1987.  Peter is accomplished in the design of partnership entities and the interworking of Subchapter K of Internal Revenue Code (partnerships and partnership taxable entities) and complex estate plans.

  • Spanish Village Realty Group, Joseph Irom TMP v. Commissioner, USTC Docket 27502-07
    Reduced 1996 income from rental real estate activities from $46,170 to zero, and 1997 §1231 gain from $8,900,000 to $6,900,000 and $1,565,000 loss from rental activities. Later notices of delivery for disposition gain upon 1997 partnership termination reduced to zero and partner's share of partnership items not determined in TEFRA proceedings. Dockets 24342-10, 26086-10, 26546-10, and 26593-10.
  • Prince Manor Apartment Associates, David Kraus, Partner v. Commissioner, USTC Docket 23574-06
    Reduced 1997 income from rental real estate activities from $50,000 to loss of $815,000 and reduced §1231 gain from $10,000,000 to $3,300,000. Individual partner deficiency proceedings pending in USTC.
  • Regency Plaza Associates, Auchter, TMP v. Commissioner, USTC 7150-08 and 7197-08
    Increased 1997 loss from rental real estate activities from $32,000 to $684,000 and reduced 1997 §1231 gain from $6,000,000 to $2,480,000. Individual partner proceedings pending in USTC.
  • Estate of Banfield v. Commissioner, USTC Docket 20833-10
    Reduced proposed estate deficiency of more than $500,000 for value of closely-held business to total deficiency of $29,042 by Stipulation; re-valuation of closely-held business.
  • LMA, LLC v. Commissioner, USTC Docket 18514-10
    Originally claimed $2,500,000 rental real estate loss sustained by Stipulated Decision.
  • Eagen v. U.S., 80 F. 3d (CDI, 1996)
    One of the early cases which launched the IRS's Voluntary Comliance Program for disqualified employe plans.
  • A.W. Chesterton Co. v. Chesterton 128 F.3d.1 (CAI 1997)
    No appraisal rights under state corporate law upon Subchapter § election.
  • Weiss, et al. v. U.S., No. 06-11918, USDC MA (2008)
    Civil tax action which caused the IRS to allow state tax payments for delinquent taxes in computations for doubt as to collectability offers in compromise and installment agreements.
  • Boyd v. Commissioner, 451 F.3d 9 (CDL, 2006) §6402
    Offset against non-liable spouse is, in fact, a levy.
  • Recovery Group, Inc. et al. v. Commissioner, G52 F. 3d 122 (CDL, 2011)
    Resolved sub silentio circuit conflict in §197(d)(1)(E) covenant not compete amortization period; loose language in lower court opinions.