U.S. Edge, Inc.

  • General Information
    Case Number: 15-11833-HJB

    Court: United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts (Eastern Division)

    Honorable Henry J. Boroff

  • Important Dates
    Petition Date: May 7, 2015

    Section 341 Meeting of Creditors: June 10, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.

    Pre-Petition Claims Bar Date:

    Governmental Units Bar Date:

  • Parties & Addresses

    Attorneys for the Debtor:

    Marques C. Lipton
    Law Office of Nicholas F. Ortiz, P.C.
    99 High Street
    Suite 304
    Boston, Massachusetts 02108
    (617) 338-9400 ext. 103

    Attorneys for the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors:

    Jonathan M. Horne
    Bruce F. Smith
    Jager Smith P.C.
    One Financial Center
    Boston, Massachusetts 02111
    (617) 951-0500

    Attorney for the United States Trustee:

    John Fitzgerald
    Office of the United States Trustee
    J.W. McCormack Post Office & Courthouse
    5 Post Office Square, 10th Floor, Suite 1000
    Boston, Massachusetts 02109
    (617) 788-0406