For more than four decades, Jager Smith’s Business, Tax and Succession Planning group has been providing New England businesses owners with a single comprehensive source of experienced, cost-efficient legal services. As the trusted advisor to many of the region’s most successful companies, we’ve built a rock-solid reputation for the highest standards of legal ability and ethics and for our unmatched dedication and sensitivity to every client’s individual objectives.

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Trinity Coply

Client-Focused Legal Solutions for the Life of Your Business

The quality of Jager Smith’s legal services rests on our strong commitment to building enduring relationships. As your company evolves and your personal and business needs change, the time we’ve invested in getting to know you and your business enables us to help you choose the best strategies for protecting your assets and ensuring your goals are met.

Our personalized approach, together with the breadth of our specialized expertise in business and succession planning, ensures every Jager Smith client superior custom-crafted solutions to all their needs.

End-to-End Business Planning

Our business team combines the personalized approach of a small law office with the top-flight legal expertise, diverse client experience, and premier resources usually associated with larger firms. Throughout the evolution of your company, we can help ensure every business transaction satisfies your objectives.

Our team will work with you to determine the best structure – LLC, Corporation, etc. – for your business, create or negotiate agreements between business partners, licensing agreements, contracts, assistance with maintenance of corporate structure, mergers and acquisitions, and the final sale or transfer of your assets.

Proactive Tax Advice and Litigation

Jager Smith’s tax attorneys are highly skilled, aggressive litigators, as well as seasoned consultants on every aspect of tax law. Our reputations for providing sound, innovative tax reduction strategies stems from our in-depth knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code, first-rate analytical talent, and constant attention to relevant amendments, rulings, and legislation.

Estate Planning, Administration, Conservator and Guardianships

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